DIY Edible Diamonds Trays - Pack of 2

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Includes 5mm & 10mm Moulds

Give your creations some bling and decorate your cakes using these DIY edibles diamond trays.

Give your cakes the extra glamour they deserve by decorating with edible diamonds that have never been so easy to make! In just five easy steps, (using a colour of your choice from our collection of DIY Diamond Gel) you can add sparkling diamonds to your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other desserts. 

1. Using a microwave-safe container, microwave the gel on medium heat in 5 second bursts until the gel is liquid.
2. Using a needleless syringe (dispenser), suck the liquid gel from the container and squeeze into the mould.
3. Leave the mould for 10 minutes at room temperature to set, then place in the fridge for a further 10 minutes.
4. Rinse the syringe immediately with hot water to remove any excess gel. Any gel leftover can be placed back into the original pot for
future use.
5. Once set, use your fingers and pull the top of the diamond towards you to release it. Any finger marks can be removed by brushing with water. 

1 x 100ml pot of Diamond Gel makes approximately 2000 5mm or 560 10mm Diamonds

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any excess gel after use, ensure that it has returned to its gel form and gone cold before putting it back into the pot.

Can be used with sugar paste, modelling paste, cream, royal icing, chocolate, candy melts and more.

The end result really is a stunner - the diamonds catch the light well and really make your cakes shine - they're almost too pretty to eat!

This pack contains 2 x DIY Edible Diamonds Trays.

The first tray consists of 36 cavities/moulds, with the finished diamonds measuring at approximately 5mm.

The second tray consists of 24 cavities/moulds, with the finished diamonds measuring at approximately 10mm.

Please note: this pack does not include DIY Diamond Gel or dispensers. These can be purchased separately.

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