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Photograph your cakes in front of this stunning Silver Bokeh Backdrop to create some of the most professional cake photos ever seen. 

Great for showing off to your family and friends, to customers and splashing all over your social media pages.

This allows you to be able to take pictures from all different angles to suit your own style and brand as well as getting your cake looking its absolute best. 

The floor measures approximately 20” which is great as it allows for cakes with larger bases and boards.

This backdrop  is made from durable vinyl and printed with eco solvent inks. It has a white border so you can use the maximum amount of backdrop for your photo.

To use, tape the backdrop to a wall with double sided tape or make your own stand. Ensure the area you are using has a good amount of natural light.  Soft light can be found in areas of open shade, such as window light. Then simply take a photo of your cake masterpiece.

If you use a large piece of white paper or card on the opposite side of the light source when you are taking photos to reflect the light, this will help stop any shadows appearing and give you an overall clearer photo.

Occasionally you may get an odd wrinkle or crease in you backdrop, but this is easy to fix.

Lay you backdrop out with the print side facing down and place a damp towel over the back of the backdrop.

Set your iron to medium heat with no steam and iron over the damp towel until the crease has come out.

(Photograph kindly submitted by Your CakeBox)

Backdrop sizes:

Large: 137cm x 90cm - Suitable for 4+ tier cakes.

Medium: 98cm x 65cm - Suitable for up to 3 tier cakes.

Cupcake: 50cm x 33cm - Suitable for cupcakes, cookies and other small treats.


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