CDA Translucent Green Wafer Paper - 12 Ouwel Sheets

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  • Each A4 sheet is approximately 210mm high & 297mm wide

  • A tasty SUGAR FREE treat with delicious vanilla flavour, GLUTEN FREE

  • Crafted in the UK by CDA Products using quality ingredients from trustworthy sources

  • Many pack sizes available including BULK packs - TRADE PRICING and BESPOKE goods a speciality

  • Each pack has 12 A4 sheet(s) of edible wafer paper (rice paper) in beautiful packaging.

Description : Translucent pink edible wafer paper

Perfect petals � pretty pink peonies � our translucent pink edible wafer paper is just great for all your decorating needs.

Our translucent pink edible wafer paper (rice paper) comes as full sized A4 sheets - most of the competition are smaller. These sheets have a tasty but sugarfree strawberry and vanilla flavour.

This is a retail pack of 12 sheets. If you don�t need this much wafer paper you can purchase the same product in retail packs of 6 sheets or 3 sheets. If you need a larger quantity then we can supply excellent value bulk packs of 100 sheets.

We have lots of shops that stock our products both here in the UK and throughout the world. Give us a call or send us an email and we will let you know the nearest place to buy our products.

We are sure you will be using this product just as soon as you purchase it but if you do want to keep it for some time please keep it in its original unopened packaging at a temperature below 25�C. Do not store in the product in the open air or near any sources of moisture or heat. This is a product manufactured from natural food ingredients and will keep best if stored at a relative humidity between 60-75%.

CDA Translucent Wafer Paper (rice paper) is most probably the best wafer paper in the world. Our top quality wafer is enhanced with superb but mild strawberry and vanilla flavours - a favourite with everyone.


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