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Fondant and sugarpaste are ingredients that most cake decorators use to decorate their cakes, small models, and to add finishing touches. When applied sugarpaste usually has a matt finish. So if you apply just the smallest amounts of steam to a covered cake it will give it a shiny look and give your cake a look of class!

If you steam your cake it can also give you other benefits such as, more resistant to humidity, preventing the the fondant having condensation and bubbling. If you apply steam it can also take away little things you might not want there or little mistakes on your fondant like them dreaded finger prints or traces of cornflour. This works the best on dark coloured cakes, where the cornflour will appear stronger and more visible.


If you have a lustre dust finish on your cake you can use steam to help your dust settle and will make your colour appear deeper and give you an all around stronger finish. Sugar paste is not the only thing you can use this steamer on! If you want your wafer paper to curl you can use it on that, if you want a stronger curl simply use more steam. Instead of using a hot knife you can steam Ganache before covering with fondant. Steam is really useful but can be really difficult to apply. 


For sugarpaste and gumpaste flowers, most people will use the steam from a kettle, even though this can be quite a dangerous thing to do. This cake steamer is a safer, quicker system of adding steam to your sugarpaste covered cakes, quickly, evenly and helps you apply so just the right amount is used. This steamer has a five-hole horizontal nozzle, which when applying steam across a large area will do so quickly, efficiently and evenly. 


When you want to steam decorations for example gumpaste flowers, it is best to steam the different parts as you make them. The reason it is best to do this is so you can make sure that everything is steamed evenly, and hen all stuck to your cake it can be quite tricky to steam. Just place your decoration on a piece of kitchen towel, and carefully apply steam. You can apply steam to specific areas of your cake or figures, for example a handbag buckle, by covering areas you want with a matt effect with tin foil. The best thing to use while cake steaming is a cake turntable, this will ensure you steam all over and still keep you cake on a level platform.


When Steaming do not apply to much. The best time to stop is when the cake looks moist but does not have water drops forming on the surface.


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