Side Edger & Sharp Top Edger Set from Edgers Prestige Range

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Ensure a professional finish on your sugarpaste covered cakes with this set of 2 edgers from the Edgers Prestige Range, including a side edger and a sharp top edger. 

Use the side edger to smooth the sides of your cake and smooth the sugarpaste covered board underneath at the same time. This smoother will help you achieve a neat finish between the cake and the board as well as vertical sides on your cake thanks to the right angle design of this edger.

The sharp top edger is ideal for creating a sharp edge around the top of your cake, a very sought after and professional look. As well as using on sugarpaste edges, you can use this tool to give your marzipan layer a sharp edge before applying royal icing, cutting the time needed to apply the marzipan to your cake in stages. This tool is best used on fruit cakes as they are more sturdy than sponge cakes and can withstand the pressure applied to create this look, however if you prefer sponge cake, the manufacturers suggest using a covered dummy cake and having a separate sponge cake for cutting.

Side edger - approximately 100mm (h) x 75mm (w) x 50mm (d)
Top edger - approximately 50mm (h) x 84mm (w)

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