Professional Ultimate Rolling Pin - King Pin (Rolstok)

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Inspired by feedback, this ultimate rolling Pin is what you have asked for and more!

A bespoke weighted rolling pin with static, easy grip, stainless steel handles, a free flowing rotating non-stick surface and Stainless Steel central column with a whopping combined weight of 3KG (6lb) making it easier to use. The Rolling Pin does the work for you!

Never-seen before product!

Perfect for people arthritis and hand/wrist injuries. This rolling pin has the ultimate WOW factor and makes rolling large amounts of Sugarpaste much easier on the wrists.

Sizing approx.: L: 12” (Rolling Area) Diameter: 2.75inches (30.5cm x 7cm)

To clean the King Pin, wash with warm soapy water. This product IS NOT suitable for dishwashers.

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